Outriders: Tips and Tricks!

How’s it going Reapers!

Just thought I’d provide a few tips and tricks I’ve found along the way for the times I’ve been playing these past few days and some extra ones I’ve found through some searching.

First up is not to worry about your World Tier as of yet till you hit 30 and completed the main story. If you are trying to keep up with your level and the World Tier level at the same time it will make it harder to keep your gear leveled up as the level plus the rarity changes the output and skills given on them. Keeping at around Tier 4-6 if you want the challenge is optimal at best.

Second is when Bounties and Monster Hunts become available it seems better to not do these just yet. Once you get to the end game and level 30 these will become much more valuable to complete as they provide Epic rarity items upon completion and generally a kill on these monsters hunts in high tiers can provide multiple Epics and possibly legendaries. You can also farm the monster hunts if you kill the hunt target first before the adds. The draw back on this is that it fails the hunt and you have to start the quest up again from the beginning.

Some tips in regards to Technomancer.
Now I’m only level 25 and running on World Tier 11 and haven’t completed the game, but this is what I have at the moment.

Anomaly Power is (to me) the biggest thing to push on the Technomancer as Ordnance skills and turrets have a relatively short cool down and can do heavy aoe damage.

Tools of Destruction (ToD) has two skills attached, Rocket Launcher, which can interrupt mob skills, and Minigun which can do a lot of damage quickly. There are at least 7 mods in armor that boost the ToD alone for many situations. The mods I use, amplify my Anomaly Power with each kill with the minigun, and there is no max stack for it so it can infinitely boost Anomaly power for other skills and the minigun damage at the same time. All other skills other than Twisted Rounds can be used in conjunction with the Minigun, so you can toss out a overpowered turret, use a devesting Pain Launcher barrage or drop some Shrapnel charges for those pesky armored mobs or those that want to post up behind cover where the minigun can’t reach so well.

In addition to the mod that boosts anomaly power, you have mods for the minigun alone that boost, armor by almost double of what your current amount is, boost resistances by 50% and Piercing Resistance (For sniper shots) by 50% as well. One of the bigger mods I use with the ToD’s Minigun is ammo booster that gives 100% more ammo for both the Rocket launcher and the minigun together.

There are two additional mods that are for the rocket launcher alone, one for boosting damage and giving 1 more rocket. If combined with the before mentioned mod it will give you 2 more rockets instead.

If you wanna use your cyro turret for some CC in mid fight with the Minigun, I suggest increasing status power to allow for easier freezing and additional mods and call skills that cause vulnerable and additional damage to frozen mobs.

For you lovely Trickster, there are three mods in armor I have come across that synergize perfectly for a trickster in the Tier 2 mods. The first is a mod that while you have a shield you will shock 2 mobs for so much damage at a 1s tick, can stun some of the snaggletooth asshats that like to crowd you like the rockstar you are. The second, allows you while you have a shield to reload your weapon than you no longer consume ammo for that weapon for 5 seconds. Let those Auto Shoties roar! Combine that with the tricksters bullet skill and you may have a devesting rip and tear. The third is more aggressive defense than attacking, this mod allows you to make a 10 meter burst around you when your shield depletes.

If you are hard up for Materials like Titanium and Leather, I suggest a friendly visit to the not-so-friendly neighborhood spider, Molten Acari in the story mission Inferno on Eagle Peaks. This spider can drop upwards from 400-1200 leather a go and multiple stacks of 10-50 Titanium as well. In addition you can get weapon and armor drops too. I’ve seen 3 stacks of 40 Titanium drop for me a few times. Spent maybe an hour and got about 800 Titanium.

I hope some of this can help you guys in the early to mid game.
Rock on!


Just focus on the main story then? What about the side missions?

Side missions are fine as they don’t have that guaranteed Epic drop like the Bounties and Monster Hunts have.

Edit: Side missions when first completed actually give static items and never change, the only differences is between the classes themselves, but if completed with the same class (but a different character) it will be the same static gear upon completion. However, repeat completions of the side quests will offer a random drop with the ability to get Epics and Legendaries.

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Well said Gigz. I agree with the bounties and hunts. I, however, am a glutton for punishment and too prideful to lower my Tier.

To add on I have some general tips and some for the Devastator. I’m currently level 20, running world Tier 9. I have focused on Armor and survivability as I have mainly played solo up to this point.

Starting out, experiment with your different skills as you get them, find out the little quirks and see stuff you like. I often would equip a new piece of gear and lean in toward a specific skill to get a feel for it.

When you unlock crafting, dismantle your blue gear, if you need materials you can dismantle your green gear as well, but I have been trying to sell that to increase my scrap (which can be used to buy materials if needed). Dismantling blue gear will unlock your different mods for tailoring your gear to different playstyles as you go.

If you’re wanting to keep pushing your World Tier up, mod your gear! Find skills that work and change the mods to improve those skills. It’s pretty cheap, it costs me now about 115 materials to change the mod and I have well over 10k of each.

Keep a weapon with Weapon Leech on you. If you’re not having issues you don’t need to keep it equipped, but if you run into a tough spot having a weapon you can equip to heal in a pinch is super convenient, even if it’s a lower level weapon.

As I stated before, experiment with your skills so you have a feel for how they work and if you like them. I personally hate Balderdash since I can’t seem to get it to work consistently. It seems like if you climb over an obstacle while charging and leap in the air it doesn’t seem to properly damage enemies, I could be wrong though. Once you get to higher world tiers make sure you’re modding gear appropriately and choosing your skills wisely.

I typically run with Golem (Modded with +100% duration) - This is just a handy skill to have when things get iffy. Also nice when you just want to burn an elite and not have to worry about health for a few seconds. Works well with a weapon that has Weapon Leech.

Next I always have Gravity Leap. This skill is essential. Not only can you use it to get into the action and deal damage it’s a great defensive tool. When you first activate it you’ll pop in to the air for a few seconds, during this time you’re immune to damage. This can be used to avoid boss attacks, or it can be used when low on health to target a far off add, hopefully killing them (and healing you) in the process. I recommend modding for damage (mainly to increase the chance of getting a heal when you use it)

The third skill I usually swap out depending on the situation. With Human enemies, I’ll use reflect bullets, since all of them are professional snipers with laser beams. (Modded with increased duration and damage) Between this and the other two skills, I almost always have something to pop if I get in trouble, otherwise I’ll hide behind cover the best I can and wait for one to recharge before getting real aggressive again. Reflect is mostly (if not completely) useless against monsters though, so I’ll swap it for either Earthquake or Tremor for the extra damage. I’d recommend Tremor for the healing and AOE vs Earthquakes higher damage and Cone attack. (I mod tremor for extra bursts/explosions).

I hope this is helpful, if you guys want to know more, hit me up.

Playing on Xbox
GT: Romach


adding this in here as i was caught by this the other day.

tl;dr: your damage and armor are based on an avg of all your gear. so make sure all your gear is sitting at the best possible level.