Outriders latest patch...In case you missed it.

Patch Notes:

  • Implemented a block that prevents players from kicking other players towards the end of an Expeditions session.
  • Implemented Region Based Matchmaking to improve the quality of multiplayer connections.
  • Updated the login signing in text to better reflect the current signing in process step.
  • Fixed crash and memory leak issues.

Players can expect more frequent updates as we look to make the best possible Outriders experience.

r/outriders - Outriders has been updated - 03 June 2021

We are also making good progress on identifying and resolving outstanding sign in issues, particularly on Xbox.

Currently, we are also testing out some Legendary drop rate changes with the intention to make them less frustrating, more satisfying. We will share further information on these potential changes when we can.

Our team is also hard at work on the Stadia version of Outriders, with upcoming fixes and stability updates as we aim to get a fully integrated solution soon.

We are investigating continued reports of player survivability issues. As we previously explained in our recent ‘Latest News and Known Issues’ blog post, we are looking to explain in the near future some of the deeper mechanics at play with Outriders.

Finally, we are also testing out some initial player buffs and will share news of these potential changes when they go live.

Other tracked issues currently under investigation can be found in the Latest News and Known Issues thread (linked below).

Our next patch is already underway and we will share more news of it as soon as we have tangible release details.

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