Outbreak Second Easter Egg

Weapons don’t matter too much, but you really should use a Gallo or Hauer class, an M16 class or the Dual Amp class. But, most guns are fine, I’ve done it with the e-tool, the Ak74 u, the DMR, doesn’t matter much as long as they’re levelled up.

  1. Get to world tier 3.
  2. Once there, find a red portal that spawns in various locations:
  • Ruka: Far left side of the map in the little house
  • Alpine: Bottom of the map just underneath a small cliffside
  • Duga: Top side of the map, down in the bunker where the crafting bench is
  • Zoo: Bottom right of the map in a small hole inside the big animal enclosure
  • Golova: Bottom of the map, inside the Church, climb up the ladder, and it is in a room on the top floor
  1. Jump into the red portal, and you will be teleported above the map, where you will have to spot another red portal to dive into. You will need to repeat this three times.

During the third one, you will be teleported above the map again, but this time an item will spawn with you. Look for the yellow beam of light, then pick up the Beacon Listening Device.

  1. Finish your other objectives and then the main quest objective on world tier 3 and go to where the anomaly has spawned in and spawn in the beacon. Use the beacon to speak to Ravenov,

then use the beacon again to teleport to Sanitorium.

  1. When you spawn in Sanitorium run over to the bottom left crash site,

clear out the zombies,

then interact with the radio hanging out the chopper.

  1. Now you need to find the Aethereal Orb around the map, which you can find by listening to the audio.

Once you find it, shoot it in the direction of the big bridge on the map. Keep doing so until it stops on the bridge above a device.

  1. You then need to find a bunny toy that is found in an inactive, broken mystery box.

Once you find it, interact with it and take down the zombies that will spawn. It will return to the ground after you defend it. Pick it up and take it to the orb on the bridge and place it in the cage of the device.

Now, go finish any other objectives and maybe do a trial or two to try and level up your guns. Craft monkey bombs and chopper Gunners - or any killstreaks you can. Also, make sure you have a self revive.

  1. Now, interact with the Intel at the device on the bridge to begin an escort step,

where everyone in the game will have to walk with it and protect it.

Escort it until it stops, and the zombies disappear, run into the building in front of where it stopped, and interact with the radio inside.

  1. This will activate an exfil, run over to it, complete it by killing the Orta and any other special zombies.
  2. Once completed, hop on the helicopter, and that’s it. Quest complete!