One Off Gaming - Apex Legends Edition

Ok party people, we are trying something new. Revisiting (or trying) games that are not in our regular rotation in an attempt to mix things up. Tonight we’ll be running Apex Legends! Let’s put down our regular titles and switch things up a bit. I’ll be forming a party around 9PM EST. Hop on in. We’ll most likely need to branch out as more people join. Please post up if interested so we know who to look for.

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If there is interest:

@SoInZane will run a room for @PS4Players
@SplendidKaos will run a room for @PCGamers


I’m in for xbox, I’ll download on PC as well just in case they have less and need more to fill spots I assume xbox will probably get plenty. I’d rather play xbox but dont mind if I need to switch to PC


9pm EST for me, I will be in the Discord then for all interested

I’m in add me on xbox Jestr7

i fucked up and forgot i uninstalled so i have reinstall on xbox but the pc version downloaded and was able to play a couple with @SplendidKaos before he logged out. next time maybe ill be better prepared sorry bout that @Lala_Calamari

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Got in a few games with @brokain and @jestr7. Rough night in Apex land, we had some hot drops and weren’t getting the guns to fight back.

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Got in a few games with @CaptainPeeJ and @SoulessGrimm before I called it quits