Notes from division intervew on gamespot

  • focusing on PVP for the interview
  • dark zone is not a seperate mode, sometimes you have to walk through it to get to other areas…
  • this is a “new clancy unit” similar to RB6
  • lore bhind dark zone is ground zero for infection. the military tried quarentine but had to retreat and left all their equiptment behind
  • Each agent has number of slots, each slot can be upgraded, (sounds like armor in tytpical RPG)
  • no exploration walls, just enemies you wont be able to kill, (typical RPG, or like destiny)
  • covered based gameplay
  • there will be an emote system for ppl you arent grouped with or not using a mic.
  • video just showed a 4 v 4 battle.
  • when you come across other players, you are nutral, if you shoot them, your flagged rogue, and you show up on everyones radar as that. any loot you pick up from other players in “contaminated” so you have to extract in order to use it.
  • outside of the dark zone is “phased” which mean no other players besides who the hose invites will be there.
  • Beta dates - Dec Xbone, Jan PS4 and PC
  • March 8th release, purposely moved it back an extra month to have more time to inpute beta feedback.

Thats it. hope that helps a little.

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The extraction point just looked like it took the loot, so I’m wondering how the players get out of the dark zones

walk… lol. or go into a menu and quit.

That’s it?! Well hell, I wish I’d of thought of that

I see people camping out the extraction zones. 90 secs is a long freaking time on a full server.

I see that happening, and people going rogue to get the loot themselves like that video showed. Looks like there are a handful of ways to grief in this game.

Gs asked if that would get out of control, they said they want it to feel like a post apocalyptic wartime, but if it gets out of hand they will change it.

And again, hostile players are tagged/flagged on the map, do no hiding.