Not so new "newbie".

Whats crackin GRG? Most of GRG’s founding members have known me for years. As I to am from from the 2o2s era… I am a Battlefield enthusiast and I play it almost daily… Hit me up if you want to empty servers…


What’s up man? We’ve played together a few times already, always a good time. Glad to have you on board.

Hey toofat!

Guys if you want to L2Battlefield hook up with toofat. Fucker makes people rage. He gets daily hate mail from the enemy team.

2fat is on X1 for those interested.


Welcome back 2fat!

BTW my Xboxlive GT = Tong Po 357.

Welcome to GRG
The Body Farmer on the x1

welcome… back?

Glad to see you in here 2fat. This guy is one of the best at BF I’ve ever played with.

Sup fatboy.

Welcome to GRG

Welcome Back

@PPCtoofat4u357 are you still making the kids cry and ruining lives on Battlefield 1 or BF4???
Tank Domination?

toofat is charging for rides in his tank.

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You better be a damn good mechanic or he’ll kick your ass out of the tank

He must really like @anon42851937 then. Let’s him ride on his coat tails for free.

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Damn right…I won’t even shy away from that claim.

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