No Fun for Conan Console Fans

As expected.

Make that, no dongs at all. Conan Exile’s Xbox One release will be sausage free, it seems.

The game’s early access Windows release has a penis slider, so players can make sure their character has the weenie they want. Or he wants. Whatever.

Mods have been make even bigger dicks possible. Of course!

But the Microsoft home console release won’t feature any bait and tackle. “Xbox has been pretty clear with us that it’s not going to fly,” Conan Exiles’ creative director Joel Bylos told Glixel (via MCVUK).

Dicks might not be the only one to sit this one out.

“It’s just going to be off by default I think. I don’t know if partial nudity might be OK. We haven’t spoken to Xbox about breasts. They do allow breasts in some of their games, but the penises definitely won’t be there.”

From the sound of it, there were dick localization problems.

“There was a lot of talk from our team in Japan – because the game is translated in a lot of languages – and the Japanese translation team said ‘you’ll be banned in Japan because you have penises. That’s a flat out ban.’ But we haven’t heard anything.”

Conan Exiles’ Xbox One release is still TBA. No word if weenies will appear on the coming PS4 version, either.

Yeah kinda figured this would be the case. I am thinking boobies will be a “no-go” as well.

Going to guess that the loincloth checkbox is locked in for the console version.


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Have no intentions of getting it for xbox also but lets hope they had some content before it hits xbox. No dicks is one thing, only 2 weeks worth of content is a lot worse.

I assume one of the reasons it got delayed.