Nightfall - week of 10/10

Meant to post this earlier but here is info on this weeks Nightfall.

This week is pretty tame. Here are simple things to do to insure completion

  1. Bring Ark Weapons
  2. Warlocks with Chain lighting are very helpful in clearing adds fast with super and adding time

We ran it last night without doing anything special and still cleared it.

This coming from the guy who has struggled with the last 3 weeks and hasn’t completed a NF since the first week (which was also Inverted Spire).

I guess all the Arc subclasses are best for this Strike / modifier.

I might finally be able to finish the Rat King! Yeah

how bout it nice video thanks 3 warlocks hmm

We did it back to back with different characters.

The second time through we had over 6 minutes left.

If you need to do the Rat King, this is the week to get it done.


Yes my luck and its the weekend family decides to drive up and ruin any chance I have to game this past weekend. :confounded:

you still have today to get it done