Next-Gen 2020 PS5 vs Series X (Choose your weapon)

Last generation (2013) I started firmly in the PS4 camp. I thought the original Xbox with the Kinect was a bloated overpriced, underpowered piece of crap. Its E3 announcement became a laughing stock, and Sony stole the show.

I came around to Xbox when the S launched. It was a nice machine, and I missed the Xbox exclusives I had been missing, like Forza and Forza Horizon.

When the Xbox One X came out, I was sold. This thing was excellent. So small, so heavy, so tightly packed. Forget about boring exclusives… All the 3rd party games look best on Xbox One.

At this point, my PS4 is collecting dust. I actually sold it.

A little bit later, I wanted to play Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man. I borrowed a PS4 to play these games and was so impressed that I picked up a PS4 Pro. (incidentally, I borrowed a WiiU to play Breath of the Wild around the same time)

I went on to play Yakuza, God of War, Death Stranding, Last of Us Remastered, and now at the end of this generation, I’m prepped to go into the next 100% in the PS5 camp. The exclusives won me over in the end.

Xbox Series X looks great, GamePass is great, Smart Delivery is great, and I look forward to Microsoft winning me back over during the next-gen. They have purchased a lot of new studios, and I look forward to what they are going to create.

What console will you buy first? Will you buy them both at launch? What console exclusives will get you to pull the trigger on each platform?

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Xbox > ps always! Lol!

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As much as I don’t play, I’ll be going for XB mainly cause of the friends list and community. I borrowed my brothers PS4 and played spidey and FF7 remastered and thought they were amazing. But it’ll be XB for next gen.

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I started Ps4 but everyone ran Xbox so I swapped. Only is I have is when Live goes down. I’ll get a next gen.

I’ll be getting the X. We have 3 Xbones and a PS4 and a Switch and that’s the same ratio it’ll stay. I never did like the MP of the PS3 and decided XBox was where I could have the most fun and I’ve just stuck with it since.

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Likely be a Series X for me. Exclusives have always strongly favored the PS camp, however, the community here leans Xbox and that’ll likely be enough for me again to call it a M$ win.

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I’m sure I’ll end up with both at some point.

My plan is to buy the PS5 or Series X when there is a must have game that I’ve got to play.
Maybe God of War for PS5 and I’m not sure what Xbox Exclusive would make me pull the trigger on Series X.

edit: I’m also interested in what happens with PSVR-2.

Have yet to try any VR

Oculus had a demo at my work and I got to meet Palmer Lucky. I thought that was pretty cool at the time. I was impressed but the cost, amount of wires, space requirements, and set up needed has kept me away from it as well.

I’d love a small wireless headset that I could play VR games on the couch.

I like the idea of them but don’t know that I trust loosing my senses to that degree, if that makes sense.

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I’m going XBox as I’ve been on XBox since the start and have all my gamer friends on XBox. The other major reason is I just like the XBox controller so much more than the PS4 one.

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I love the rumble trigger in the Xbox One controllers. I use all four paddles on the Elite Series 2, it’s really handy. For example I can map an extra throttle (right trigger) or walk forward (left thumbstick up) to a paddle and save my fingers.

I am hoping that the Dual Sense Controller is a big improvement on rumble and feedback.

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I’m an old dog, couldn’t learn new tricks on my old elite controller. Never messed with the paddles. Version 1’s weren’t so sturdy so it’s in my controller parts bin now.

For example, my fingers get sore holding up on the left stick in games like Assassin’s Creed Odessey or holding the right trigger down in SnowRunner. Being able to map those functions to a back paddle is a real finger saver.

When I first got the Elite 1, I mapped the face buttons to the back paddles and disabled the face buttons. I forced myself to play a game with just the back paddles and got used to using all four paddles.

I mostly use the top two paddles, but the bottom two paddles I use for obscure button presses or not at all.

I use the paddles for two things…A nd B and really just for COD. jumping and crouching/sliding

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It makes a big difference for games like that.
I usually put jump and slide on the right two paddles.

I like to put sprint on the top left paddle. I hate clicking in the sticks.

I could use the lower left for a shift key but I rarely use it.

I’ll get the Xbox after first price drop, and will eventually get the PS5 for exclusives.

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I have been all over the place my video game systems over the years, but I always find myself coming back to Xbox no matter what.
So Series X or whatever other Series Xbox console comes out will be my poison this fall.

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