Next Friday night

What system?

I have both but my xbox one is my main. My ps4 is for tales games and the new dragon quest

I will run it as long as I can stay awake Friday night. I have been known to fall asleep in the middle of a match though!

i heard they were stopping them

I will be getting on at 12pm cst on Friday for Blop3.

I will be on X1 on Friday evening and all through the weekend

Fuck off Yank.

Gotta love Canadians … They are so polite .

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I’ll be on Friday night for sure around 9pm EDT. I do have the preload but doubt I will be up that late on Thursday due to work on Friday.

Actually I can’t wait, remember when I ACCIDENTLY kill you in HC for the umpteenth time, it was an accident.


JFC!!! I will either be on tomorrow and this weekend, or I will be dead from a stroke. Got up this morning and turned on the Bone to watch TV and lo and behold there’s an error screen. Made myself late for work trying to remedy it and it seems the only real fix is to factory reset the piece of shit!! This will be the second time in the last month ( since the fucking Experience update ) that this has happened. After the last time it refused to re-install Advanced Warfare…so hopefully I see you guys tomorrow night.

That hurts to read, hopefully you get it worked out

Let’s avoid the stroke

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So I won’t be on blops3 or any other game for a while actually. My controller is on its last legs and is turning off every 7 seconds or so.

@TheBatmel GameStop is running a deal where they give you like 35 dollars for a controller as long as you put it towards a new one. Not sure if this helps but i figured you might want to know.