Next Call of Duty Rumours and Leaks

Prominent Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution claims to have revealed information about Treyarch’s upcoming Black Ops reboot, possibly named Black Ops 5, covering multiplayer, zombies and campaign leaks.

According to reports from multiple sources, Treyarch are taking Black Ops back to its roots. With Treyarch at the helm, and Sledgehammer/Raven Software taking a backseat in the development of Activision’s next Call of Duty, it would make sense to return back to familiar territory.

And in a similar fashion to Infinity Ward, Treyarch look set to reboot their flagship franchise with a prequel of their own, according to the YouTuber. It should be noted that the information cannot be verified.


According to TheGamingRevolution, Call of Duty’s next storyline will revolve around the events of the Cold War.

Per TheGamingRevolution’s sources, Treyarch will be taking fans back to the Cold War era. Moreover, as YouTuber LongSensation claimed in August 2019, the narrative will span across the entirety of the four decades of the Cold War and will include both Vietnam and Korean Wars.


Call of Duty 2020
has been under 2 names thus far.

Call of Duty: Black
Call of Duty: Black Ops V

Set during
the Cold War. Spans the entire 40+ years and incs Vietnam and Korean
War. Described as even more gritty and gruesome than Modern Warfare.

I’m not joking.

LongSensation (@LongSensationYT) August
7, 2019

Moreover, the next iteration in the series will utilize Infinity Ward’s brand-new game engine, which was developed for Modern Warfare.

Although this information is completely unconfirmed, the leaker does have a proven track record of accurate leaks about Modern Warfare, including the Gunfight mode and the battle royale, Warzone.

Black Ops 5: Multiplayer leak

Here’s the main points from TheGamingRevolution’s March 18 leak:

  • Large player-count (32-vs-32) modes are returning.
  • There will be an ice-based map for Ground War (set in Vietnam), featuring snowmobiles and tanks as a mode of transport.
  • 6v6 maps will be three-lane maps and will resemble Treyarch’s style — “more formulaic and less cluttered.”
  • One six-vs-six map is based around a warehouse unit with an open field as the mid-lane – resembling ‘no-man’s land’ – and a sniper tower.
  • Health regeneration is not automatic (subject to playtester feedback).
  • UAV, Counter-UAV and dog killstreak returning.
  • Operators from Modern Warfare are also coming back.
  • Multiplayer DLC will be free, using a similar model to Modern Warfare.
  • No supply drops, per Activision’s new content model.

Player in Black Ops' Blackout battle royale.


Black Ops 5: Zombies leak

  • Set to feature different ways to play and will be different to previous versions of the fan-favorite mode.
  • But, perks (such as Pack-A-Punch) and other classic Zombies features will return.
  • TranZit will be back and available on disc.
  • Aether reboot is in the pipeline.
  • Chaos is not returning; set to be an entirely new story.
  • “More realistic and grounded” Zombies experience coming, as opposed to previous ‘fantasy’ versions.
  • Nothing set in stone, but Zombie ‘season pass’ is “in the works.”
  • Rumored Vietnam-based storyline.

Black Ops 5: Campaign leak

  • Alex Mason and Sgt. Frank Woods are set to return, but with new actors.
  • New storyline will explore real-life events of the Cold War, but will thread into Black Ops’ existing narrative.
  • Alex Mason to feature in the first mission.
  • Campaign will be told from multiple perspectives, to tie in various storylines.

Alongside the plethora of information above, TheGamingRevolution stated that Sledgehammer are developing a free-to-play Call of Duty game that is set to be released in 2021. Perhaps this could be their venture into the battle royale market.

While there is plenty of information on the development of Treyarch’s next title, LongSensation also revealed on March 17 that the next installment in the franchise “isn’t looking so great” — with the current global pandemic potentially playing its role in delaying any headway being made.


2020 CoD
isn’t looking so great atm. It’s also possible that the
and compulsory shutdowns could cause a game delay. This doesn’t
just apply to Call of Duty, but likely to a lot of games we all know
and love.

— LongSensation (@LongSensationYT) March
17, 2020

While TheGamingRevolution has accurately leaked information pertaining to Call of Duty in the past, it is important that you take everything with a pinch of salt, as all of the above information is subject to change.

My personal take is they should skip a new CoD for this year, put all that talent on Cod:MW and get new maps and items out.
Make some coin with beefy update with new maps and maybe an operator.
This virus is going to screw things up big time, maybe it is best that companies put somethings on hold and just work with what you have now and make it better for another year.