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Hi everyone. I’m new to the group. Thanks for having me. I’m on the USA EST zone and usually on from 5-9pm on weekdays and whenever possible on the weekends. I play BF5, BO4, Fallout 76 and Destiny 2 (if I’m extremely bored). Hope to game with you soon. Send PSN friend requests to spacecadet-3000.


Welcome to the community. We got groups playing all those games.



BO, BF and FO are all hot right now.
D2 keeps chugging along though I’d say it sees a little less activity now.

I’ll add you on PSN (Olz_3).
We’ll get the rest of the @PS4Players to do the same and that should give you options most nights.




Is there a GRG platoon for BF5b PS4?


Welcome, throw out your GT so people can add you.


I edited my intro to include my GT.


Welcome aboard.


Can I get an invite to Discord?


It’s under “noob links” in the banner. Just expand the details to see.




Download the battlefield companion app and search for grim reaper gamers and you should get automatically added


There is, it’s called “Grim Reaper Gamers”










Welcome to the local nuthouse. All joking aside, I hope you do get to enjoy your stay here.


Welcome to GRG!


Welcome to GRG!