New XBox One UI

Someone clipped out the UI info from the all the recaps from the daily XBox show. Other than MajorNelson looking like he robbed the Brady Bunch wardrobe dept, I like what I see. Way faster, and I like the Cortana integration.


Wow, Please, Please make it that responsive on brigning up the friends list for parties. That would be awesome.

SPEED, SPEED and more SPEED. too damn slow right now.

The UI has needed a major overhaul.

They didn’t say if you would have to have a Kinect to use the UI ( didn’t hear anything about the Kinect mentioned at all ) and I hope that will be the case . That would be awesome !!!

I did some digging and you have to have Kinect to use Cortana for voice commands.

I looked around as well and found there was a lot of confusion , on different web sites , if the UI will work without the Kinect . Some are saying yes and some say no . MS needs to clarify because they are selling more and more consoles that do not have the Kinect included with the console . Hard to figure out why the make Cortana available since they seemed to have kind of shelved the Kinect device .

It’s mainly because Cortana is coming to all Windows 10 devices.

well for Cortana to hear you, your going to need a mic. There is no mic in the main box correct, only on Kinect.

Between this and RB6, I might actually turn my xbone back on.

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From what I’m seeing on NeoGAF, they’re saying that the preview program members are getting the new UI preview next month.

Just rub it in to me and @Lala_Calamari…you are a cold hearted corn loving bastard.

Just talk to your true friend @D1G1TALC1PHERS, I’m sure he can help.

Got my preview invite from Beers the same day I ask for it . Just saying .

I think Beers tried to send invites to Lala and Jammer the same day he sent yours. I’m thinking they got blacklisted from the program.

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