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Top 100 Tips → 100+ New World Tips - List Format : newworldgame (
Fishing Cheat Sheet → open-beta-fishing-cheatsheet.jpg (
Amazon Prime Loot → Prime Gaming | New World (

Tradesmen Bible → Quick Guides → New World 0-200 Arcana, Armoring, Engineering, & Jewelcrafting leveling guides. Revised with printer and color blind friendly versions. Includes Arcana leveling routing map. : newworldgame (

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I will update as I find new and better stuff


I have added the functionality to do tooltips from the New World DB. Why? Because I can.

Infused Focus Potion

Website from which the fishing guide comes from.

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I dont even know what this means, also went to reply and just edited your post instead cause potatoes

LOL, if you hover your mouse over the link a box will pop up with a description of the item. Of course this does not work on Mobile as you cant mouse over. For example

Oh and if you didnt know, now you know. Craft these or if you can the more powerful ones.

Weak Proficiency Booster - New World Database (

Well thats really cool

Don’t forget about the Prime loot.