New World closed Beta

Anyone going to be playing the closed Beta? New World

I’m planning on choosing the Marauders as my faction

I pre-ordered and will be playing the closed beta!

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Nice, we will have to see about joing the same server.

I played in the Alpha and will try this out. There are some changes I am hoping they made.

Sounds great! Let me know which you join and I will do the same. Feel free to message me here or in Discord.

Server list. We need to pick one.

I am good with any of the NA servers… I am in Texas.

Themiscyra (US East) is the server we will probably join.

So where you able to get in? I have not gotten a beta key. So waiting to see if I do.

Yeah I pre-ordered on Steam so it automatically added for me.

Took me about 45 minutes to get in, but was fine after that.

I like the resource gathering to make things similar to survival games.

be careful if you got a nice video card: Amazon's New World Is Causing Expensive High-End GPUs To Die

Luckily I still have shitty card.

Not risking it

Just put a FPS cap and your fine. It’s only been a small number of people who have had it happen.