New World closed Beta

Anyone going to be playing the closed Beta? New World

I’m planning on choosing the Marauders as my faction

I pre-ordered and will be playing the closed beta!

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Nice, we will have to see about joing the same server.

I played in the Alpha and will try this out. There are some changes I am hoping they made.

Sounds great! Let me know which you join and I will do the same. Feel free to message me here or in Discord.

Server list. We need to pick one.

I am good with any of the NA servers… I am in Texas.

Themiscyra (US East) is the server we will probably join.

So where you able to get in? I have not gotten a beta key. So waiting to see if I do.

Yeah I pre-ordered on Steam so it automatically added for me.

Took me about 45 minutes to get in, but was fine after that.

I like the resource gathering to make things similar to survival games.

be careful if you got a nice video card: Amazon's New World Is Causing Expensive High-End GPUs To Die

Luckily I still have shitty card.

Not risking it

Just put a FPS cap and your fine. It’s only been a small number of people who have had it happen.

So anyone who’s played what do you think? I have around 2-3 hours in and enjoying it. I haven’t played an MMO since vanilla WoW.

Btw the video cards that did got popped are being replaced by manufacturer. So seems the fault was on their end for them to replace so quickly, not New Worlds.

I was on vacation when it dropped. Was going to play on the new computer and after the possible issue with cards I opted out initially til its looked into with more detail

I did get the FPS cap and your fine but until there is some more looking into it not gonna play on the 3090 even though its a founders and it seems to be limited to the EVGA FTW cards?
Not worth the risk in this market I can wait

yeah i would agree with that. However i did hear that EVGA has been replacing anyone that has had their card fail due to this issue. I am with you and would not risk it.

Game has been delayed until Sept 28th