New to the Group

Hey all - I’m 32 and looking forward to playing games with you all. I’m on Xbox (MrChaddyCakes), PSN (Chaddy__Cakes), and PC (Steam- Chaddy_Cakes / Epic- Chaddy.Cakes).

I’m big on co-op anything and although I’ve started to phase out of shooters, if there are plenty of people to play with I happily join in. I will typically try something outside my comfort zone if it looks interesting enough. I also still love retro games and would like to try to groups together for playing the classics online.

Looking forward to playing games together!

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Welcome to Grg we’ve got a full list of players in several different games, just post something youd like to play or check out older posts and see who has been interested in them before

Welcome @lazysunday

Welcome to GRG.

GT is beers and leafs on the XBone