New to the crew


Hello! I just arrived here. I am a father of 2 girls and I believe an alright boyfriend to my lady partner. I’ve been playing on PC the past couple years. Been on Xbox since it’s release. Very casual gamer. Kind of a geek. I work in IT and love food. Seriously, I’ll rotate the earth opposite direction for a cheeseburger. :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard.






Welcome man!


I think you’ll find a bunch in common here.

What games are you playing on Xbox / PC?


Welcome to GRG!




On PC, playing Destiny 2 and For Honor mostly. Still boot up Mass Effect trilogy to get my fix. On Xbox you’ll find me on any of the Halo games.


Welcome to GRG!




Welcome to GRG.


I’m late as usual, but welcome


Welcome to GRG!


Welcome to GRG