New to ps4


Ok so I’m new to ps4 I just got one and some games like horizon zero dawn and Detroit become human but what else is good that is ps4 exclusive

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What type of games do you like?

Spiderman, God of War, Bloodborne and The Last Of Us (Remastered) are some of the big titles.



@PS4Players, any other ideas?



The uncharted series is good ,until dawn, infamous series, shadow of the colossus and the last guardian, nioh, and days gone looks good as well

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Just about anything besides sports and racing games. I’ve really been wanting to play horizon zero dawn so I’m excited to get started on it and I hear spiderman is good to and of God of war



I thought Horizon Zero Dawn was brilliant - engaging gameplay and intriguing story.
TLOU was amazing.

Currently playing Spiderman and really enjoying the movement and combat, story is what is keeping me playing though.

God of War I also just purchased but haven’t started yet.

Only played the demo for Detroit and Bloodbourne isn’t quite my game, also I suck at it.



Also to anyone who wants my PS name is SoulessGrimm

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