New member, AzAjTieFiter for PS4.

Hey gents,

Here’s my into post: My name’s AJ, I’m from Tucson, AZ, and I’m an amateur Muay Thai fighter(hence my PSN). I’m also a grad student studying International Conflict and work full-time in retail. I’m active pretty much every night, but I typically don’t get on until late night/early morning(11-3 am EST). I’m currently playing TESO, but I also play Destiny, CoDAW, Dying Light, and GTA Online. I actually came here from the TESO guild posts on Reddit, hoping to find a solid group to work with in PvE and PvP that tries to succeed but tries harder to have a good time.

This coming week I’ll have a lot more free time than normal, so I hope to get to meet and play with some of you guys!

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Welcome to GRG!

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to the community. plenty of people playing TESO and Destiny…


Welcome sir

Welcome to the clan!

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome! PSN is AlphaMack