New meat

Vulgar Canadian living in America, often called twatwaffle.

I’m a bit of a sarcastic shithead. Happy to have found a community that is not dominated by teenagers, preteens shrieking and all that jazz.

Used to play a lot of fps games. Starwars battlefront 1/2, css/csgo.
Been meaning to get into pugb/tcr6s among others now that I have a good system.

Gaming has been sporadic for a while. As of late have been sticking to single player games, but missing the boatload of fun we used to have in old fps lobbies.

Activity will be scattered until I stop keeling over after work (new manual labor job I wasn’t 100% prepared for physically).


Welcome aboard! Manual Labor ain’t no joke! So you get doubles at the glory hole from the start! What platform you on?

Pc player here.
Will link my profile to steam once I’m not on mobile. Mobile sucks.

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Welcome to Grg, hey @PCGamers got new blood that wants a rounds at the glory hole free of charge

Welcome Dust.

Twatwaffle is an enjoyable insult.
Though I do prefer to pronounce it “twot-waffle”.

@therealkrobar is our PC team lead and @CaptainPeeJ and @WudLegerity are some of our remaining active PUBG PC gamers.

Welcome to the community.


Welcome to the asylum.

Welcome @Dust!!! Feel free to add me on Steam TheRealKrobar (also use it on Epic and Uplay but I’m not currently playing anything on Uplay that’s multiplayer lol)


Welcome to GRG!