New Here

Hey Everyone,

New to the group but have played with some GRG in the past, always a positive interesting experience! Mainly play shooters and my bread and butter is typically COD. I just left KSI a few months ago as I have no interest in turning a clan into work. Looking forward to playing with everyone!


Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to the community.

Welcome to the community, we are pretty chill here and understand life comes first and gaming is secondary so dont worry we all get that sometimes you cant play

Welcome to the community!

Welcome to GRG

Thanks everyone! Added you all on Xbox!

Welcome (back?) to GRG

I’m trying to add your XBox GT to my friends list but it’s not coming up. xDire WoIfx.

Is there a space between Dire and Wolf?

The L in Wolf is an uppercase i :grin:

No was never a member, at least not that I can remember (damn beer) lol

Welcome GT Sniper T1. Just figured out we were already friends.