new here

hey everyone new here glad to join i play a lot of escape from tarkov hit me up if your interested and lets squad up TG QuietBear #9161 on discord


Welcome to the community.

Welcome to GRG!

I can’t seem to find your XBox tag. Maybe MS is being fucktarded. It is TGQuietBear?

I was trying to add you to my Friends list and send you a GRG XBox Club invite. Add me as a friend and I’ll get you situated.

Also, what games and platform are you playing on?

Welcome… Sorry!

You fuck who invited you?! Welcome to the community bro you’ll enjoy it

TG QuietBear is it

Lala Calamari

Added you to my friends list and sent the club invite.

What games are you playing?

pretty much any thing on xbox im playing a lot of cod

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