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New here


Hey guys im new here and i would like to introduce myself :grin:
Im from Zagreb main capital of Croatia some probably dont know where it is but we are nice and small country, if you watched world cup this year in russia we lost in final if you watch football.:joy::joy: Im 25 year old near 26, my hobbies are playing football and drinking beer with friends, watching sime series on netflix i watched a bunch on them before netflix too and the games im playing are destiny 2 and gran tourismo sport on ps4 platform.
Thats something little about me if you want to know something else feel free to ask :grin:


Welcome aboard.




Welcome to GRG.


Welcome to GRG




Welcome to GRG!


Welcome, nice post Brun!

Not sure what your regular gaming hours are but I’ll likely be online at the same times as you (UK).

Currently playing Fallout 76 and looking forward forward to BFV releasing next week but I expect I’ll be on Destiny 2 again sometimes.

Will add you on PSN (Olz_3).


Welcome to GRG!


Welcome to GRG!

I believe we got you added to the D2 clan so you should be good there.

I’m currently playing Fallout 76 but also will be bouncing between COD Blops 4 and Destiny 2. Not sure what your hours are but if they are close to @unobtainaballs we should meet up occasionally.

I’ll send you a FR. PSN is Soinzane


Welcome, really wanted to see Croatia beat those Frenchies and Pogba in the WCF.


Welcome to the community.