New guy


Hello I have just joined the community I primarily play fps such as cod, pubg, seige, etc. However i do play other games like ARK.


Welcome, didn’t see what platforms you are playing on in your profile. Make sure to let us know so others can join up with you.


Ok its xbox


Welcome to the community.




Thank you


Welcome aboard! What games do you own and what is your gamertag?



We have active CoD and Ark communities here, some still play PUBG, not so sure about RBS6S.

We’ll get you into the Xbox club, helps to add others on the platform that way.
What’s your gamertag?


Welcome! I have a dedicated Ark server. If interested send me a PM for server info. It’s PvE on Ragnarok.


I own cod black ops 4, rainbow six siege, ark survival evolved, pubg, defiance 2020, destiny 2, cod mw3, ghost recon wildlands, the division, cod black ops 3, cod ww2, cod black ops 2, crossout, destiny, fallout 4,gears of war 3, hawken, starwars battlefront. My gamertag is DATORMORTIS89


Dato mortis sounds like another woodworker to me!


Idk what you mean by woodworker but i am an aircraft mechanic lol


Welcome to GRG!


Thank you


Welcome to GRG

GT is beers and leafs on the XBone

Hope you’re still around after gaming with @angelofsinx4 and @Mowerguy90 last night…


For the most part I behaved like a gentleman…


You speak lies sir. ha but seriously, Welcome you guys




Popular joints. And not the kind you smoke! Lol… Joints for wood working.


Lol ahh i see and i have heard through the grape vine that you also served in the Marines is that correct