New Guy Here

Hey, everyone. My gt is HOT NASTY BEEF, and I just joined the clan. Banjo told me about you guys, so you can blame him! I’ve been mostly playing Destiny, and a few of you guys carried me thru The Vault of Glass a couple of days ago. Can’t wait to get into the Destiny clan. I also play Gears, I’m definitely going to play Halo later this year, and I might pick up Battlefield. I play on an Xbox Series X, so feel free to add me.


Welcome to grg its good to see a new face arrive, we needed a new bullet sponge lol


welcome to the community

Thanks, that’s the role I plan on!!!

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Welcome. I play gears a couple of times a week. PVE though, no PVP stuff. Will definitely be getting Halo. GT Sinper T1 on Xbox.


I’ll add you. When I play Gears, it’s literally only the pvp, but I’m willing to try something different

welcome officially, as you know you are in the destiny clan, feel free to jump in parties, that’s how we roll