New guy from North Carolina

Hi everyone!

My name is Chris. I live in NC (from Georgia originally). I run ultra marathons, mountain bike, play a lot of golf, watch sports, anything outdoors, and of course gamer! I kinda stopped gaming online for awhile and just did single player stuff but now with the latest announcements from NVIDIA and AMD I guess now is a good time to get back into it. Lots of good holiday titles coming out too.

I play pretty much anything. I am not one of those types that only play 1 or 2 games. If a friend says a game is fun I will buy it and join in. Looking at your website and forums I am pretty sure I have most of the games you guys are playing.

Thanks for having me and look forward to gaming with you all!


Welcome to the community you sound way to athletic to be here lol

Welcome to the community. Ultra-marathons…good lord. What’s the longest you have done.

Welcome @Skratch84!!

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to the asylum!

50 mile trail race. Hiking trails at the US Whitewater Center. Mostly I run 50ks and other trail races. Prob gonna try a 100k next year…we’ll see. :man_shrugging:

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thank you everyone!

Welcome! Couple of us in NC.

@PCGamers get him added

Welcome to GRG.

Welcome bro…NC gamer here. Pretty much same with gaming…always a dozen or so different games going.

Hey welcome…I had kids and it got me out of gaming then i got into triathlons and running (4 1/2’s and one full IM many 13.1’s)…then back to gaming. I think i may done with tri and running, may be only biking from now on…my left knee is not good. anyway its good to see another “crazy” person here.