New Global Event - Blackout

On the ‘State of the Game’ yesterday it was announced when our next Global Event, named Blackout will start. This is the first of two new Global Events coming to The Division.

Blackout will start on Monday the 23rd and run until Monday the 30th of April. No new classified gear sets as there was rumors floating around that some might be included. but not the case 3 new masks, well not really new but new paint schemes of the CBRN, Hockey Mask and Chemist mask will be available to get.


I will likely be grinding for these masks the entire week so @PlayStationPlayers @PCGamers @DivisionPlayers lets group up!

i am so low level in this game its ridiculous

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I power leveled my 2nd character from about 14 to 30 in a few hours. If someone or a group is willing to run the missions you still need at Hard, Challenging or Legendary you’ll get massive XP.

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