New girl LF gamer buds! 👋

Hey, I’m Kari and I’m in my low 30’s. :sweat_smile: - I’m a Cali located PC player, but I try to keep the valley girl accent to a minimum, lol. I play Fall Guys, Among Us (VR too), No Man’s Sky, Phasmo, Sea of Thieves, Overwatch, WoW, Dead by Daylight, GTA V, etc. I play SO many other co-op games and I’m always looking for and struggling to find fellow chill/fun adults to game with! So if that sounds like you, please, please, please don’t hesitate to DM me for some games sometime! :+1:

It’s practically impossible for me to find gamers my age anymore and as an extrovert, I prefer multiplayer to solo. It’s not so much the game I’m playing, as who I’m playing it with. Gaming (especially with buds) is my passion and what I truly love to do every day. I also have a blast watching others play video games. I watch E-sports like it’s a Superbowl game, lol. :tada: I’ve been to Twitchcon twice and 2020 would have been my third time if it hadn’t been canceled.

I’m a proud Pet mom, love anything Sci-fi, and my fav color is purple. Anything else, feel free to ask me! I’ve been searching for awhile for an amazing group of people to get to know and game/hang with. Having the opportunity to chill out with fun new gamers around my age would be awesome! Thank you for reading this far and I’m excited to be here! :wave: :smile_cat:


Welcome to the asylum.

Hi Kari, Welcome to GRG!!!

Welcome to grg its good to have ya. @PCGamers got a newbie to add the the friends list

How are you liking Phasmophobia? I played it on the laptop till I got my quest 2 and now I never wanna play it out of VR again it’s awesome

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome, great intro…I pc a little bit only play one game…so if you every wanna play destiny HMU

Welcome to GRG!

Gamer Tag is beers and leafs on the XBone if you play any cross-platformers

Welcome to GRG !

I loved Phasmo on Desktop! I have tried it once or twice on VR, but so far I chicken out and run back to the trailer, but only in VR lol. :scream:

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I do for Sea of Thieves, do you play?

Welcome to GRG

Lol its pretty surreal in Vr for sure, it definitely takes it to a whole new level of scary

Nope. No scurvy for me.

Welcome, I play Dead by Daylight on PC and Xbox along with Sea of Thieves. I also do have GTA V, Fall Guys, Among us, and No mans sky.

DieHardCubFN on steam and xbox