New Forum Badges

Had some fun and added some user badges on post counts and other things.

Post count badges:

Count - title
100 - Kind of a Big Spammer
500 - I’m more important than the mods
1000+ - Banned Spammer walking amongst mere members

Console Badges:

If you entered your user tag for PSN, XBOX, or Steam into your forum profile you will get a badge for this as well

Top Posters:

  • Top Poster
  • Top 5%
  • top 10%
  • top 25%

All badges can be used as titles in your profile on the forums as well.

You can see all badges here. the ones with the Green check next to them are the ones you currently have.



Lol. Sorry only Bronze, silver and gold.


I haz all the badgezzzz

Badges…we don’t need no stinkin’ badges

Was just a matter of time until that comment came out…

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so was messing with these… if i wanna go back to GRG team leader, do i select the “none” option in the title box? there is no GRG Team Leader option.

Just enabled it. Should come up in a few.

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Sweet, got my console/pc badges this morning!