New exotic - Dodge City Gunslinger holster coming soon

Looks like we’ll be getting a new exotic holster as seen from this reddit poster who is participating in the PTS. This paired with The Liberty pistol should be a good combination. The holster comes with 2 offensive mode slots and 1 utility mode slot. @DivisionPlayers

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The quickdraw perk looks nice. Especially if I ever create that Demolition Build I want to. Basically want to run LMG / SMG (chatterbox). Being able to reload the LMG by swapping to pistol seems pretty solid. Of course I usually fail while trying to swap to a pistol, I’m probably mashing the buttons too much.

That’s the one thing I’m not bad at, is switching to pistol.

There is a perk , can’t remember the name, but when you reload from empty it reloads both of you guns.

Filler-up is the talent… it drops on holsters.

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