New Anthem patch

Approx. Download Sizes per platform:

PC: 15.76GB

XB1: 12.15GB

PS4: 11.85 - 12.403 GB (depending on region)


Is this the one where they add back in the player base? :wink:

Really miffed this game flopped at launch as hard as it did - really did enjoy the overall gameplay more so than just about any other game in the genre to date.


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Seriously though, will this bring back players? @AnthemPlayers


Hopefully! I’m with @BalekFekete enjoyed the game so much that everything else is just blah.

I never got much playing time in when it first came out and then heard all the backlash so have just stayed away. Hopefully they turn it around!

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Couple minutes in and a whole bunch of new items to locate in the fort to add to Cortex.

Overall game still has same feel which isn’t a bad thing. I’m still going though the new story missions so no cataclysm for me yet.

They finally fixed the Aunt and Vule stuck on the date conversation!

A hefty list, may have to give it another go finally

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Played some more last night. No bugs that I’ve noticed yet. Haven’t been disconnected or unable to find other players to play with. GM1