Netflix Umbrella Academy is a much watch show


If you say so.


little late to the party but been binging this and another thumbs up added for this show. Really unconventional “super hero” show.



Good deal. I’m all about more Umbrella Academy.


Only about 3/4 through but also liking this one a lot. Keeps a good comic book kinda feel while being live action without a ton of effects. Still scratching my head about this coming from the mind of Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance fame.

And, Mr. Pogo needs to ditch that crazy ass family and come work for me. He’s cool


It would be nice to get a little back ground story on Pogo.


This is a bit of a tangent… anyone else noticed how many shows are set in a time before (or without) cell phones? So much of the plot, timelines, issues around these shows would be blown up by cell phones, web cams, etc.

I’m about halfway through the season.


Yea, quite a few shows are creating an alternate time when it’s now or futuristic but no cells…and I think you are right on the reasoning