Netflix Umbrella Academy is a much watch show


You have got to watch this on Netflix. It’s like X-men/pulp fiction/Stange Things meets Guardians of the Galaxy. It has a lot WTF moments, followed by clarity with each episode. This is a much WATCH !!! Great SHOW.


We watched 3 or 4 episodes last night.
Definitely intrigued.

I likened the group dynamics and focus on interpersonal relationships then building out to the action as akin to X-Men.


agreed. I have watched 3 and I feel like i “need” to watch the rest…been a while since something hooked me like this did…since maybe altered carbon


Pretty high bar there. I’ll have to add this to the list after I’m done with the latest (and now last :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) season of The Punisher.


Been binging this hard. It’s really good and an interesting twist on superheros.


I’m not sure if i am just missing something with this show but something just doesn’t feel right. Maybe I need to completely finish it and then it comes together but at this point I feel like its a messed up version of like Rosanne lol


Each time I wonder if I’m starting to tire of it they usually add a new twist that keeps me engaged a little longer.

Despite having enjoyed it, not sure how much legs it will have.


Season finale is a hell of a cliffhanger !!!


Fell asleep last night during the series premiere




Binged this real fast. I loved it. Looking forward towards next season. I also liked the beginning of the final episode. It’s a strange world.


I’m not quite finished yet, but what a mindfuck. So many jaw dropping moments so far in this show, it’s been amazing!


Got two episodes left. Was 1115 and I knew I’d be up til 2am if I were to keep watching…


I wasn’t as responsible as you. I finished it off last night, didn’t get to bed until around 1 am.

Awesome show, and it will be interesting to see how the cliffhanger turns out.

(Note: haven’t read the comics)


I didn’t know they were actual comics. I’ll have to check them out.


It looks like there are 17 issues so far, and each storyline is 6 issues long. The one this season seems to be based off of was called “Apocalypse Suite”


Just finished up the last episode on Netflix.
Good stuff.


Funny thing I found out, Ellen Page (Vanya) was the little girl on Trailer Park Boys. Trailer Park Boys and Strange Brew taught me everything I need to know about Canada. They are documentaries, right @beers_and_leafs?


Next up for me is Doom Patrol, but that’s for another forum post.


Just finished the season and me rikey. It’s the perfect blend of odd and WTF. Lots of good and lots of questions to take on next season.