Netflix Reportedly Working on a Resident Evil TV Series


According to a source at Deadline and likely leaked thanks to the Resident Evil 2 hype, Netflix are working on a Resident Evil TV series. The series will allegedly come from Constantin Film, the developers of the Milla Jovovich movie series which ended in 2016.

Few details have been confirmed and the show is apparently still looking for a show runner. The series will likely keep the basic premise from the game franchise and explore the sinister workings of the Umbrella Corporation. Constantin Film recently hired a writer to script a potential movie reboot, but if the Netflix deal is legitimate it may be that this project has been diverted towards a TV series instead.

What do you think of this news? Could Resident Evil work better in a television format rather than a movie series?

Me personally, would like to see this as a show. I enjoyed the movies and don’t want to see any reboot.


Hell yeah


RE2-3 were the best story telling imho… so if they are taking umbrella to racoon city, thats where i want to go


I’d prefer a show overareboot as well. I enjoyed the movies an awful lot but a well written show with depth could top the flicks.