Netflix Recommendations


just watched a chunk of that one too…my issue was pacing in the first season, and i almost stopped after the 1st episode of season 2 but it did get good and there was enough action to keep me watching


Just finished Daredevil…I really hope Kingpin is done, and Bullseye is the main enemy next season. I’m just bored of him and need someone new.

Now to finish Shameless


That is what is looks like to me. Kingpin should not be present or at the very least very minor and just to support the backstory.

I liked Kingpin, was a really well done character.


Agreed kingpin was Savage, but calculating and that was a brutal combo for him. And D’onofrio was really good in the role.


Disney will pull that franchise back to them.


I am putting up Bodyguard. Its only 6 episodes, so like a long movie. Its a good cop / conspiracy theory show.


I was thinking of watching this next. The promos look good.


I finished it. Really liked it. Bodyguard.


I just started watching it. That opening scene was so intense.


Very Funny sitcom.



My wife is watching this…she likes it.


Me and my girlfriend have been watching it too, pretty good, though not the straight horror/thriller we had expected.

More of a drama-horror/thriller instead.


Just finished Bodyguard. That is the most intense show that I have seen in a very long time. Definitely recommend.


Put this in chat the other but will drop it here too. Pretty good suspense thriller flic. Has that A Quiet Place vibe.


My brother in law mentioned this yesterday.
Think he read the book but had seen it was now on Netflix.

Supposedly she genuinely wore the blindfold and couldn’t see at all.


Good movie. Friend recommended it. I was a little creeped out but I don’t do scary movies.


Trying to muster the courage to watch this


I’ll watch it at work during the day Monday (New Years eve) as nothing else will be going on.


This was rather tame compared to other thrillers…don’t get me wrong, it was great. But I slept ok after watching it