Netflix Recommendations


I searched for it and couldn’t find it so I apologize if this was already mentioned.

Planet Earth II
It’s in 4k with HDR if your tv supports it, otherwise HD… Spectacular scenery.


Earth Porn at its finest


Any good? I’m currently struggling through Jessica Jones.


A little wonky with the ending. But I liked it.


Any baseball fans? I just watched Fastball on Netflix. Good show. It compares different fastball pitchers from different eras. I enjoyed it.


Just watched season 1 of the Frankenstein Chronicles and it’s not bad. It has Sean Bean in it and is a bit odd. Not as weird as Hannibal was but in that direction.


Just finished Mindhuter, a Netflix original. It starts out great. Slows a little bit later when they get into more character development BS. Finishes pretty well. I can’t wait for season 2.

Do recommend. :+1:


I just finished 4 seasons of Peeky Blinders. This was decent, and right up Kraig’s alley.


I’M not sure if that’s an insult…


Norsemen was pretty good only two seasons but it’s a comedy version of Vikings had a lot of laughs throughout the show


I keep meaning to give this a try.
Just started watching Ozark though - which will probably keep my interest for a while.


Haven’t heard of it but then again I haven’t looked too much but let me know how it is I might give it a go as I am looking for something good to watch


I was pretty captivated by the first episode.
Only watched 2 or 3 so far but I am still enjoying it.


I’ll halfto check that out tonight read some reviews and a summary sounds pretty good


Ozark is really good. It has it dumbass moments like all shows, but I knocked out season 2 in 3 or 4 days when it released.


I’ll second the recommendation of Ozark. It’s a pretty solid show similar to Breaking Bad.


Sally Draper from Mad Men, she annoyed me in that show…this show is appropriately dark…rumor has it so dark CW pulled it and it went to netflix…regardless I liked it


There is a new reality show coming to Disney, should be quite good.

Human Centipede.


I figured it would just be a callback to the original very family-friendly TV series and I wasn’t really interested.

…dark you say…


I just binged through Castlevania Season 2. It was good. I think it had a bit better flow than the first season.