Netflix Recommendations


I just got caught up on Marvel everything. Sick no xbox so netflix had to do. I wish I would have seen your comment on Iron Fist first. Had time so was determined to get thru Marvel before Disney Moves. Iron Fist was painful at times but finished in order to go to Defenders which I did enjoy.

Did not make it to the Punisher yet

Is it worth it?


Yes. They did a phenomenal job


Got to 2nd that, Punisher is class. Well worth a watch!


Punisher was deff legit!


Check out the upcoming TV/movies thread. Altered carbon for Netflix looks sick. Feb 2!!!


Punisher is probably the best they’ve done. I know DD s1 is considered great, but Punisher is more visceral. That being said there are a couple of questionable “You’re kidding me, right?” moments towards the end.


While I loved it, the “1v1 me BRO” moment at the end (trying to avoid spoilers) was a little much.


Agreed. And his buddy going bad is so cliche. Final battle you knew he was going to become Jigsaw.

Also, it would of been nice to see him run as Punisher a bit more often. We only saw him go full kick ass a few times.

DD S1 still has one of the best fight scenes ever.


Anyone checkout Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)

I have watched about 6 episodes so far and enjoying the show. Its in Spanish with English subs so if you don’t mind a little reading I recommend it.


Pretty sure it’s on my Netflix list.
So, no.


I’m currently watching Sean Bean, I mean Ned Stark, in The Frankenstein Chronicles. It’s pretty good. I should mention a few caveats before you watch it. It is not an action packed romp. There is no Dr. Frankenstein (no, it’s pronounced Frahnk-en-schteen) or his monster. There is a relation to the author of the work. But I think the one thing you will all feel is missing is nudity. This show has none of it. It is a decent biopic of a tortured character played excellently by Bean.


I saw this ad on Netflix and it’s only watchlist. Looking forward to checking it out.


I can’t exactly recommend these. But the trailers look good.


Highly recommended… beers approved.


Looking for a foreign Zombie movie? Check out Les Affames (AKA Ravenous) on Netflix. It takes place in Quebec and is in all French so you’re going to have to read. Being a zombie fan, I had to watch it. It was pretty solid and worth the watch.


Lol foreign


To us 'Muricans it is foreign.

Regardless, it’s in French and subtitled.

This is why GRG is racist towards Canadians…


Big Mouth - animated series about adolescents dealing with puberty
Brickleberry - animated series about a national park run by idiots


Wooot it’s on UK Netflix too.
I’ll be giving it a watch. Can’t resist a zombie flick.


The Movie Wind River is on now on Netflix.