Netflix Recommendations

I will add Ozarks to the list. I really enjoyed it. Only one season out but worth the watch.


Ahhh see, you probably don’t know that I live in England…

Also, try Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.
It’s weird but I’d bet you can’t predict what’s going to happen throughout.

I’ll look up what else is on US Netflix and UK Netflix.

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I never knew you lived in England but you did say you was UK mate

Ill have a ganders and add that detective agency to the list; its getting stacked now lol

Sweeeet, Sound pal!

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Lord. You need to pick a genre, otherwise I could just rattle shows off all day.

Foreign— Luther is an awesome bbc crime show.

Glitch is a great Australian show, although it kind of stalls towards the end of the second season

I can not suggest a better Australian show than Rake though. There was a US remake but it sucked… didn’t even come close to the original.

Sherlock and Dr. Who are good if you like silly tv.

Travelers is probably the best Canadian show in a long time… Canadian tv generally sucks.

US shows—- The Good Place is pretty good, but I’m biased because I have a crush on Bell.

I like film noir, so Izombie is a pretty good gender bending noir show by the same people who did Veronica Mars…also a good show if it’s still on Netflix…used to be, but it’s been awhile.

Seriously, pick a genre and I can stear you in a good direction. There are some shit shows I’d avoid even though the premise sounds good… Dark Matter comes to mind. Just horrible acting and poor writing.

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Think that is “Bright”? Was good tbf, A modern day Elder Scrolls theme to it.

Hahaha! Sorry pal! Cant restrict myself too much lol

In all seriousness though, I havent got a favourite genre tbh…it can be Sci Fi, true stories, horror literaly anything as Im quite open to alsorts of shows/movies.

Foreign sounds interesting, well all your suggestions do but i am partial to a crime series/docuseries or what not.

Ahh I never expect people to remember what I’ve written before.
Usually they remember after hearing mey voice in chat.

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Foreign??! Seriously. It’s not even in another language…

I liked Travelers. You reminded me of another good Canadian TV show too - Rookie Blue.

Also been watching The Good Place, kept thinking I’d get bored of it but somehow it kept me interested. Watched first two seasons now.

iZombie was great. Aly Michalka is hot too.
Watched all of that (2 or 3 seasons I think).

The Fall

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And it has Destiny references

If you want Foreign 3% was solid.


I’m probably the last person to pick up black mirror but I think that show is great


Currently watching Frontier. Like it. If you have Amazon Prime check out Tin Star. I almost didn’t watch the second episode but now I am really into it. Also a Canadian show and you can watch in 4K. Scenery is stunning.

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Ok…a pretty comprehensive overview of everything decent on Netflix TV…I’m sure I’m missing some things but that’s because after you watch something it takes it off your screen and places it in the rewatch section. Kind of blows as it makes it hard to check what you’ve watched.

Good (imo) TV shows in no particular order:

The Marvel Series (avoid Iron Fist and Agents of Shield as they’re unwatchable drivel)
Archer (best cartoon, ever)
The Last Kingdom (is based on some decent novels by Bernard Cornwall and is pretty accurate historically from what I understand)
Hell on Wheels (after 3rd season forget about it)
Jericho (was a really good show that just never made it on Network TV)
Ozark (pretty fucking good)
Arrested Development (great comedy show)
Parks and Rec (I liked this better than the US Office. I was spoiled by the U.K. one)
The Killing (slow, but worth it)
Shameless (you’ll feel as morally reprehensible as the people in the show just because you’re witnessing and enjoying their depravity)
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (see above, but funny)
Gotham (pretty good network attempt at Batman prequel)
Weeds (classic series, and the lead actress makes my pants feel funny)
Californication (great show until season 4 when the wheels fall off. Even more poignant when you learn about how Duchovny is in real life and how his marriage to Tia Leone turned out)
Better Call Saul (you liked Breaking Bad? You might like this)
Glow (just fucking awesome)
Broadchurch (another slow burn like The Killing. The second season seemed forced to me though)
The Fall (slow burn city)
The People Vs. OJ Simpson (this surprised me by how good it is)
Wallander (Kenneth Branagh is a genius, and he’ll never let you forget it)
Turn (based on real events and people of the US revolution. Very well acted with an end to the series in mind from the beginning so no filler material. Extremely good for basic cable tv)
Ripper Street (I enjoyed the first couple of seasons but it goes downhill fast after them)
Continuum (another really fucking good Canadian TV show. They’re so rare)
Luther (mentioned earlier…as a proceedural it doesn’t get much better)
Rake (he’s such a fuck up. It’s great)
Aquarius (didn’t make it past the first season but is really good.)
Jack Taylor (he’s a drunk disgraced superman solving crimes. Kind of slow, but also very watchable for some reason)
Penny Dreadful (made more for women to get their panties wet and give them strong characters, it’s still very good)

A movie to watch—

Whatever happened to Monday? (Very good)


Ill be sure to have a look at these! Nice one.

So many suggestions here now :joy::joy:

Well i started watching Godless after work yday morning and @h2daddy made a hell of a shout there!

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Trailer Park Boys - so damn funny

I just got caught up on Marvel everything. Sick no xbox so netflix had to do. I wish I would have seen your comment on Iron Fist first. Had time so was determined to get thru Marvel before Disney Moves. Iron Fist was painful at times but finished in order to go to Defenders which I did enjoy.

Did not make it to the Punisher yet

Is it worth it?

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Yes. They did a phenomenal job