Need Video Clips

For those of you into doing videos I did a test this weekend. Mixer VODs are great quality (Much better than Twitch) and you can download them. I am actually thinking about using Mixer as my capture device as it is much easier than capture card and I am still play in full resolution on my TV.

Just a tip for those that like to edit outside of the Xbox or PS ecosystem.



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Dude. That super was beautiful, elegantly struck down each target in an exquisite display of Arc damage.
Then the next 4/5 handcannon shots were all wide.

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LOL yea I was more worried about backing out and not getting killed. Lala can edit that out :rofl:

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got a couple for you @Lala_Calamari I’ll try and get them to you today



for now

Thanks. And last call for clips for the next montage

I think I’ll be creating a new video tomorrow (9/20) provided I have some free time. Hopefully I can get a few more clips to add.



Wildlands PvP beta

Nice @xxxNAILBUNNYxxx How are you liking the PvP?

It shows a lot of promise. Not a big fan of this particular mode, but I think the release will be really good. The scout tower is really OP

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@Lala_Calamari not sure what @TEXENT was doing here, but I’ll take it.!AtozlOIn9YGvhRVCyBejLZvSZOgO


I can’t figure out how to get the clips off the xboxdvr site. Any tips/tricks?


I usually do one of two things to share from XBOXDVR.

Grab the actual URL in the address bar or use the embed link on the right hand side.

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To add you can also use their create gif feature if the clip isn’t long. Post it’s link here and it has a download button on it for Lala.