Need Video Clips

I’m looking to create some GRG montage videos. Similar to the one above but with actual good game play (not my mediocre shit). Bonus points if you cap gameplay with other GRG. I’m looking for good or bad gameplay (epic fails are very welcomed). Just as long as it’s special (like what your mom called you after the other kids made fun).

XBox gamers have it easy. Xbox record that, send me the XBox DVR link and I’m good to go. PS4 or PC gamers will have to find a way to get me the videos.


PS4 is just as easy, there’s a share button on the damn controller.


Awesome, hope to see some gameplay vids soon.

To get it started.


Yeah, I set mine to bring up the Share menu thing when I hold the button down for a few seconds (just a quick press takes a screenshot), then I save the last 10 minutes gameplay by just clicking of the menu buttons.

I think we have the option of uploading to Youtube, Twitch or DailyMotion?
Something like that.

Whether just giving @Lala_Calamari Lala a link to a YT video would be enough is another question?

I need to start recording clips again, I usually just screenshot scoreboards or stream.

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I’d like the video file to edit. I guess I can pull from YT. Haven’t tried it yet.

There used to be a download link on videos.

You can only download your own videos. There are websites that will download them for you. Just be careful they can be pretty sketchy. I haven’t used one in a few years.

Last time I got hit with malware.

That said, I’m sure I can find some script for Ubuntu to pull the video down. Or use VLC.

a nice little two piece in Halo last night

Then a some nice team shooting with @anon8564842

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Is there a criteria? or can I share Smite, Neverwinter, WOT??

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Are you pulling them from feeds or do you want us to post here?

I can pull them from a feed if I can download the file. I’d rather have the clip but if you can’t get it I can get it.

Also, I need some time before and after the action.

I think any game is fine.

As Lala said, looking for good/bad gameplay. Bonus points if other GRG members are included.

I expect there is a preference for shorter clips, i.e. under a minute or two?
Also, I don’t think any audio will be included, just so you know.

So links from Xbox dvr are fine?

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Yes, those are perfect.

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If you’re on Xbox, just set your DVR settings to 45 seconds from the default 30. Gives plenty of time before and after

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I didn’t know about this. I’ll have to make the change.

@Lala_Calamari - let us know if you can pull from YT since I think that is the easiest way for PS players to provide clips, you could try with the below link.

This is from @CaptainPeeJ , he was playing on PC so I guess he might have the actual file too.