Need True Wireless Earbud recommendations

I’m looking to purchase new earbuds and I’m going to go the completely wireless route. Something along the lines of Apple Earpods but for an Android phone. Anyone have a recommendation? One of the main reasons why I would like a pair is I’ve been on a lot of Zoom / MS Teams / Skype calls with work. I’d rather connect via phone or my laptop and chat that way. Also Post-Quarantine world, I’ll be taking a train downtown (hour trip each way). As well as I’d like to have a pair to listen to music while at work.

Finally, I would like a pair that stays in my ear when at the gym. I need to get my lazy ass into some form of shape (once the gym reopens).

I’ll need them to connect to 2 phones (Android and my work iPhone, my work laptop and my work desktop) and easily switch between the devices.

A couple I have my eye on are:

Jabra Elite 75f. These are a bit pricey, really looking for a sale if there is one.

Anker Soundcore - these get really good reviews but still higher than I’d like.

Lypertek Tevi - These are the dark horse contenders. They get excellent reviews and price is right but I’m worried about fit. Especially at the gym.

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I hear a lot about raycons but that is paid advertising so I’m unsure how good they really are


one of my bosses has those Jabra’s and swears by them. I use some Anker Liberty Neo’s when I’m at work and they’re fine for my use, I’m not on conference calls as long as my boss is and haven’t ever had them die on me.

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I just (two days ago) got a pair of AirPod Pros and am very impressed with them so far. The noise cancellation is top notch - really was surprising. Sound quality is good so far, though I haven’t put them through any real tests yet. I do know you can hook them up to an Android, but do lose some of the functions in doing so. Obviously integration into the iPhone is as easy as it comes (as you’d expect…).

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Go with the Anker. Can’t really say I can compare, but they sound so damn good, and the battery life is really good. Very rich and amazing sound for music. They stay in my ears when I run and bike. I got them on sale for $100 on Amazon during Christmas. They have a $20 off coupon currently. For switching connections , you have to put them back in the case and reconnect that way, which is a little bit annoying.

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My oldest has these and loves them. Just upgraded from the previous model (gave them to the wife). He plays basketball and goes for runs with them and they stay in. They are all Apple as well with Macbooks and iPhones. He really hopes the next XBox supports bluetooth for audio so he can just wear them.

While I do have an iPhone, it’s a work issued one. I keep that 100% work related and it may be the least used iPhone in existence.

How does the mic sound for calls and such? Also, if you wear just one for a call does it have to be a specific one? I think you have to use the right one if you only use 1 bud with the Jabra and it’s the right.

I heard the mic for calls is good, but not great. I would check out some of the youtube videos as they have some good mic tests. I have used it, and most seem to hear me fine except when I was on my bike with the wind whipping. Here is from the manual on the buds and mic. I believe both have a mic.

When powered on and connected, place either one of the earbuds into the charging case
and close the case, you can keep using the other one.
• When powered on and connected, if either one of the earbuds is out of battery and
powered off, you can keep using the other one.
• When you are on a call, press and hold the multi-function button on either one of the
earbuds for 1 second, then this earbud will switch to be the primary earbud.
• When you are on a call, place either one of the earbuds into the charging case, the
microphone in the other earbud will be activated.