Need advice

I have to start off by saying sorry to all the GRG crew for being MIA. Circumstances have left me without internet. However this is the read for my post. I moved to the top of a mountain and have recently started playing with the idea of getting a mobile hotspot. But I wanted to hear from someone with experience trying to run a Xbox on one. I would much rather hear first hand than just buy one going off reviews. So if anyone has any ideas, please share. Well that’s all I came for this round. Hopefully this will all pan out and I’ll be back to being your friendly potato again. Thanks again for any advice.


@Shadowboxer might be able to help you with internet and remote areas.

I don’t think speed or connection will be a major issue. 4G or 5G will give you decent speed (depending on how good the connection is). I think your biggest issue might be data, and I don’t mean game time data. Game Update data might get brutal. Most games run 30-60 GB now.

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We have 2 of these we use offsite and we hit the 15-22g monthly limit fairly easy…I think you might have the same problem gaming on the regular on these

Have you tried using your phone had a hotspot? If so quality will be about the same

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I used my phone (4G) as a hotspot for streaming Netflix and gaming online for about a month.

Worked fine, though admittedly I was in the centre of a town in SW London.

That may not be helpful but it’s all I’ve got :slight_smile:

With mobile hotspot a friend of mine was able to online play but not get into parties or chats.

Sorry. Not much help here.

Nah,I gave up. Come to find out we got stuck with a 2 year contract with my DSL internet. Never tried the mobile hotspot option. There’s smaller ISP’s popping up all over in rural areas and areas with little coverage. Dunno about mountains though.

I could probably play on my connection OK, I just got tired of ridiculous loading times and no one to play Battlefield with.

Good luck, FouR!