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I know some have it on PS4 and some on Xbox. This is just meant to be a general discussion thread and maybe a place to get tips or hook up with other GRG to play. I have personally mainly played MyCareer and started MyTeam a little. I am enjoying it but boy do I suck. I cannot figure out the shooting mechanics to save my life. Any tips for getting better or is it just keep playing to find the sweet spot?

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Are you using the stick or buttons to shoot?

Are you using the shoot meter at your feet or at your arms?

I do not use the stick to shoot. As a matter of fact I turn that off so I can use the stick for dribble moves without shooting by accident. I also have the meter set to both. One thing to note is the meters work differently. The one at your arms you fill to the top. The one at your feet you want to let go when the meter meets in the middle. I don’t know what it is but I am a much better shooter on PS. I assume it has something to do with the buttons of the DS4 and input lag.

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I use the button to shoot, and I have both meters enabled but I mostly pay attention to the one at my arms. Good tip on turning the stick off to shoot though I am going to try that!



Also if all you have played is MYTEAM and MYPLAYER it’s possible you just don’t have anyone that is a great shooter. Jump into Blacktop and grab Curry or another good shooter and see if it’s just the skill of the players you are using.

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Very fair point D1G thank you…I may try that also. I am enjoying the hell out of the game otherwise.



I rarely have a perfect shot. I did adjust the sliders on layups to increase as it was maddening the number of misses I would have when right at the basket.



I tried the daily spin thing, holy crap what a mess. I am not sure if I actually got it to spin but the option to hit “A” wasn’t there anymore after a while.

Also @D1G1TALC1PHERS you were right, I played a game with a team of actual players and shooting was way better. So I just have to keep working on leveling up my guy :slight_smile:

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Just keep spamming the button with the daily spin. You will know you are in when your player moves to the side automatically like he is in line.

It is a clusterfuck however with 800 people all trying to stand in that area.



Yeah but how do you know what you got from the spin?



It’s on the spinner at the top. You may not have done it then. You move down the line and then you have a power bar to spin the actual wheel when it is your turn.



Pro Tip: If you want to be avoided like the plague in the Park just look like Billy Hoyle.

Hijacking thread to address another one about this game…

@unobtainaballs You want to know why that article was written about the virtual currency in this game? Because that shirt and the shorts cost me 3500 VC. 5000 VC is $1.99. The good stuff cost more.

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It’s our thread friend, hijack away.

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I really wish some other GRG were playing this on the Sex Box. I would love to play in the playground or even run just some basic leagues but man I don’t even know where to get started with that without friends.



I may get the game as I’ve gotten the last couple years, but I will wait closer to the holidays where I can get it slightly cheaper.

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Now that I’m getting my guy leveled a little, its definitely getting better and easier to shoot and score.



Anyone else get this through the various sales? If so and if you would like to have a casual league (Xbox) let me know!



It’s on sale, any interest in a small league on Xbox?

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I picked it up. Tired of my PS4 sounding like a jet engine while sitting in the menus and it crashing every other game.

Maybe we can get @sjam613 to pick it up. I have been wanting to play a league for a bit now.

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If it’s on sale and you’re doing a league, I could be interested. But with you and Jammer playing, it could be like gaming at noon for me… We could do a east / west thing as rabb is over on this side.

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A good bit of the games would be CPU also I’m guessing. Don’t even have to do a full season I’ll look at the options just for fun, I suck at it but love it.

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