#MyPlayStationStory — your personal PlayStation history as we enter the next generation

Now the PlayStation 5 has arrived for those of us lucky enough to get a pre-order, we thought it would be the perfect time to take stock and look back at everything each of us has done on the PlayStation platform since the first games with trophies were launched back in November 2008.

We’ve created MyPlayStationStory — a personalised and easily sharable infographic containing cool stats and interesting information based on all of your PlayStation gaming for the last 12 years.

The best way for you to explore the data is to use the link above to go to the page and check our your own graphic, but some of the highlights include:

  • Your first and rarest trophies on each platform
  • Your first, fastest, slowest and rarest game completion on each platform
  • A heatmap calendar showing your most active months for trophies won since 2008
  • Your longest trophy streak (consecutive days of earning at least one trophy)
  • The total value of the games you’ve played (based on their price at launch)
  • The total hard disk space you would need to install all of the games you’ve played
  • Your most played series
  • A breakdown of the genres you’ve played the most

If you don’t have a TrueTrophies account, you’ll need to create one, and we’ll gather your data and let you know as soon as your infographic has been built (it should be ready within minutes).

I’m not posting mine, since it’s too ambarassing. I haven’t played on my playstation account since the PS4 came out.


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