My sexbox has went full retard

So here’s the deal, for the last few days my Xbox one has been randomly disconnecting my headset on and off. No matter the charge of the headset. I have went through the settings and such but can’t seem to find a reason for the cause. And to top it off the last two nights it has turned itself on in the middle of the night while I’m asleep… I don’t know if cortona is teaming up with Alexa or just went full retard and is about to die. I don’t know just a thought maybe one of y’all have had the same issue. Any ideas or advice will be appreciated.

What kind of headset? My TB wireless set once kept disconnecting, and I had to update the firmware to fix it. Never had the random turn on.

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Tb 600 I think, and never thought of headset needing an update but that just might be it. And yea the turning on thing is kinda crazy. I’m trying to hold out to thanksgiving to get a new one but it seems it may not last that long

The majority of XBox issues are cured with a full hard reset. Pull the power plug and see if that helps.

What headset are you using? Is it the headset losing connection or the controller?

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Just the headset I think it’s the turtle beach 600… I think. And yea I tried that Sunday do to the Pubg test server locking up my Xbox.

Guessing it’s not a wireless headset?
I mean, disconnecting could be interference but turning on sounds more like hardware issue to me.

It is a wireless headset.

@FouR187, do you have a wired headset you could try? Just to rule out the controller. Earbuds work (even ones with a mic). My first box would always lose connection to the controller for a second or two. Then my wireless Astros would have to reconnect. It was such a pain in the ass (and so often) that I gave the wireless headset to my kid. I don’t mind the wire to the controller.

Anyway, that issue was an XBox issue. steadily got worse until I finally replaced it with an X.

If the controller isn’t disconnecting, then it’s probably the headset. Check the firmware. Also, did you get a new router or wireless phone? Could be wireless interference.

Do the full shutdown, unplug from power brick if you have one or from the wall. Unplug the headset and any other peripherals (external hard drives or controller charging units). Count to ten. Plug in power. Plug in headset and peripherals. Turn console on.

I used to have a problem with my Astro A50 gen3 wireless headset not being found by the console. After researching I learned that Xbox One has some issues with devices connecting through USB. Sometimes the USB controller won’t reset properly. Best thing to do is what I posted above. Sacrificing a goat to a dark pagan god is option two.

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FTFY. You’ll get better results.