My Journey on Cutting The Cord




I have been happy with Vue and will be adding RedZone for football season. Am able to use it easily at the two places I live.

The DVR has some issues to me but I am used to using a Tivo. Unless you use a Playstation you can’t see the commercials you are fast forwarding through so it becomes a guessing game when to stop. The interface in the DVR (with show episodes) is confusing to me in my few weeks of using it and am guessing it will take time to adjust. I have had an issue today where I went to pick up where I left off with a show and something entirely different was playing (though the show I wanted to watch was listed).

Despite that still working for me.


And…just read the article that I linked and this concerns me…

Playstation Vue, on the other hand, may have gained more locals this week, but it also recently lost all Sinclair-owned local stations, and before that, Viacom channels. While Sony says it doesn’t have plans to shut down Vue, it has also made statements about its “uncertain” future, which concerned its user base.


I am using VuE on a fire TV device and can see the commercials as I fast forward through them. It become still screenshots when I get up to 8x but can still see them.


I am surprised they are lacking in subs. Might be early adopters jumping around as new services come out. For me Vue still provides the value based on channels my family watches vs price.


I think being called Playstation has hurt them majorly. People that aren’t gamers likely see Sling or YouTube and think that you need a Playstation to use their service. From my research they clearly were the best service to me and even allowed the most simultaneous streams.


Yes I agree with this. The naming has hurt them.


I looked at Vue but passed since it’s not available on XBox (yeah, I know). We have 3 XBoxs in the house and this would eliminate the need for one more device and one more remote.

Also, the XBox controls the sound for all video to the home theater. Getting a roku or firestick would bypass that Fiber connection to the receiver.


It’s a valid complaint. Many of the TV providers are available on both, so Sony needs to quit worrying about their gaming division, and get an Xbox app.

It also needs to be named either Sony Vue, or Vue TV. Drop the Playstation naming convention.


So, I decided to pick up this antenna last week, and installed it this weekend:

Holy shit. I went from only picking up the PBS channels in the area clearly while my last antenna was mounted on the edge of my roof (which can be picked up easily with a tin can and a string, TBH) to picking up everything in the area but one religious channel in the area that’s extremely low powered while just on a 12 foot post to test it out. I don’t know if it will pull off the supposed 150 mile range, but it picked up channels 50 miles away easier than my supposed 70 mile antenna. Very few glitches, and we’ve run the gamut in terms of weather the past few days.

Now I have my antenna hooked to an HDHomerun Connect Quatro that’s on my network, with a Plex server set up to handle tuning and DVR. Between this and PSVue with the sports pack for Redzone, I’m ready for football season.


Thought about trying one of these myself. Can I put it outside and connect it where the cable use to come in and split to all the tvs in the house?


The reviews show mixed results if it’s not connected to the box with the motor control. They’re figuring that the power to the preamp is also there, which would make sense.


yes you should be able to do that. If the antenna does not come with a amp i would suggest something from Channelmaster. Such as this.


I have an amp I bought when I had cable. I need to give this a try. My problem is getting it up high enough to clear the top of the house. Anything has to be better than the stick on antenna behind the tv that I am using now.


Nice little added bonus. to not have to open the app to see what is on. For those of you like me that use VUE on Fire TV.

Sony PlayStation Vue channels are now integrated into the Fire TV Home Screen and Channel Guide


Just saw that a few hours ago myself.

I use Vue on multiple platforms. Have found I prefer it on the Fire TV over the Roku for DVR purposes. When fast forwarding through commercials I can see it on the Fire while Roku is a dark screen.


Biggest issue with DVR on Vue is FFWD depending on the channel or show. I know they do an on demand if the show falls outside of DVR realm, but my wife experiences FFWD issues all the time on ABC related channels. Lots of times you can’t FFWD, and sometimes it crashes and she basically has to watch the entire show again including commercials.

Looking at getting a Fire Recast system if I can get OTA channels where I live. This will help that aspect.


That’s why I went with plex and an antenna for DVRing local channels. Plus, the only limits on what you can record are due to drive space.


I borrowed an indoor antenna from work and tested my connection this weekend. I I wanted to watch ion, home shopping networks (2 of them), or telemundo, I’d be in luck. Otherwise, I think I’d have to mount an antenna on the roof and I’m not doing that. There are better ways I can get free TV.


I suggest you go to your roof and jump off.