My Journey on Cutting The Cord



Finally Cut the Cord and I have to say watching this cable boxes leave the house felt Great. Increased internet and went with Spectrum for now. Reading article after article about streaming services what are most people using these days. Vue Sling, Hulu???

Netflix we have had for forever so that doesn’t figure in for me just keeping that as is and adding. Hard to keep up with the changes in who added removed what


I don’t have a need to cut the cord where I live but the one thing I have noticed with Hulu’s service is some channels like AMC which are important to me are not carried.


i have been sticking with VUE lately paired with Netflix and Prime.

Every once in awhile I take a look at the others (hulu, sling, etc…) but VUE still has the best packages / price / features for what i want.


Still with Vue myself. No regrets.



Yes we went with Vue and have netflix. Went back and forth between Hulu and Vue
Thanks for the input.




Ouch. I saw that you can get it through Vue which was basically a feed from the NBC app. But instead i went low tech and watched it from OTA broadcast. Crisp and clear in 1080i and no issues.


Our Cincinnati bell fioptics glitched and switched to This Is Us with about a minute left. Missed the end.


Is Sony Vue still the best option? My wife is finally getting over the bill and we’re looking at switching. Verizon is killing us for DVR rentals. I need to see what channels the wife watches and see if this aligns. I’ll also need to make sure the kiddo can watch his Sixers (and he may want ESPN for other games).

Pros for Vue:

  • Local Channels
  • Cloud Based DVR
  • Our 2 main TVs are Sony Smart TVs which can just run the App.
  • Can run 5 streams simultaneously


  • Obviously doesn’t run on XBox so I’d have to leave that ecosystem downstairs
  • Need an Amazon Firestick or Roku (have a few Firesticks arleady).


Also, is it wife proof? I’m assuming she just fires up the app and it’s like a standard TV guide.


I still think so.

Yeah its pretty simple to use. Plus you can set up profiles and each profile can have there fav shows/channels and list of dvr’d items.


Still using it. Wife complained at first but it is pretty easy. Had to break down and move up a package so she could have the Hallmark channel but I got the MLB Network out of the deal so not bad. Only problem is local channels will need an antenna. Got a cheap one to stick on the wall behind the tv. Problem solved.


I went with Vue and it’s been good. Wife and kid didn’t care as their shows are all there. We get local channels except for Fox. I like the cost of it more than cable.


My turn to batter up. Starting to look at all the options as we are about to have a house off campus that we will be at part time. That way any channels I don’t get on campus, I will be able to get streaming wise. So many options out there now with YouTube, Hulu, Sling, DIrectTv Now, and Vue. I will read through the thread again but looking to have up to 4 streams and potential DVR. Without in depth so far, I like the Vue option as I can add RedZone during football season and in my area I will get Comcast Philadelphia giving me my Philly sports teams (currently I subscribe to all the league streaming packages).

Cable company in that area has up to a gig but with data caps. Phone company has fiber in with gig and IPTV options coming. Draw back on the phone company is 50 down is the max until they upgrade up to a gig but no data caps with them.


That’s the one I liked the most as well. The DVR and the local channels are the main selling points for me. Just wish there was an XBox app…

Seriously though, I’d rather just fire up the XBox for all.


Only issue I see with Vue so far is in my area (which even in PA is NYC) is NBC and FOX are not local.


I bought a $30 antenna that gets all my local except one. Works great.


i am doing the same. Using an antenna. Want to hook it up to plex to use the DVR but need to get a capture card.


I need to get my antenna installed properly so I can get those channels, because the only local I can get through Vue is CBS. I have on demand for the rest, but that only goes so far in terms of getting shows I want to watch. Probably need to get on that this week, because I have the rest of the setup (capture card, plex, etc).