My Journey on Cutting The Cord



Same actually. The wife’s tv is an older LCD that isn’t smart or have any bells and whistles. Damn thing is heavy as hell compared to the newer TV’s and it’s only like 8 years old. All this may be in vain as GoT is starting soon and life will revolve around that hour every week.


Yeah i got that email as well.

When they started dropping channels i start looking at the alternatives. In all honesty they still provide the best package by price. I am always looking out for the better deal since there is no contract and you can cancel via website.

In the channels they lost you will notice that most of the other streamers if not all no longer carry those channels as well. Greedy fuckers who cant get past changing their business model. They are just going to loose in the end to new content providers making their own stuff like Netflix, Youtube and Amazon.


So true. I’m mainly looking at Hulu for convenience since we use Hulu as well. The biggest problem besides no Fire TV app yet is the 2 device limit.


Went without cable for 6 years and got it last year for the NHL season. Going to cancel again. It’s far too expensive. Not sure what the average cost is in the states, but for me to have TV+Internet /w HBO is costing me $200/month. It’s pretty crazy.


What are you looking for in NHL coverage. PlayStation Vue might cover you. Had my local coverage in Boston as well as national games on NBCSN


I still have cable but pay for all sports streaming packages


I’m in Canada so Vue isn’t available unfortunately. Nor services like Hulu. I do have NHL Gamecentre Live (get it for free with my cell phone subscription) but blackouts prevent me from watching roughly 50% of the home games.

Go Leafs Go!


Just in time for GOT, Hulu has added HBO and Cinemax as options.


Was all ready to get HBO through Hulu and it barely is on any streaming devices right now. No Roku or Firestick right now.


Hulu must have payed out the ass. The streaming device deals may come soon.


Yeah but not in time for GoT, of course could watch on my computer


Shit I’ll finally use Kodi with GoT coming back


I think I will use Hulu for HBO since with the kids, I am better off watching on my computer or iPad anyway.

And Hulu really has upped their game. I was browsing through their movies last night and they had a lot of good content. Went with Wrath of Kahn.


Welp, it’s official. Turned in my TV equipment today. Officially cordless.



But they add up quickly. $10 for Netflix, $10 for Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) Prime, $12 for Hulu, $7 for CBS, and however much Disney or ESPN’s service will cost … it could one day cost consumers more to get the content that they want than by buying cable.

What did i say in the other thread.


Honestly, I’m almost ready to just pay by show. What good does HBO do me when all I care about is Game of Thrones? So many other channels like that as well.


Getting ready to cut the cord. Looking at updated options. Gonna boost internet speed and add streaming we have devices needed already.

Trying to decide which internet service to go with. Have spectrum and has been consistent In my area for the most part

AT&T has fiber in the area have never had AT&t for internet and do not know if its consistent or if they are a major pain in the ass for customer service. Anyone have experience with AT&T Fiber and can share their experience ???


Don’t know about the fiber part but when it was UVerse a few years ago, my folks hated it. They’ve since changed and went back to cable. I know, helpful…


Yes my folks too had UVerse and not reliable why Im asking, just not sure its any different