My Journey on Cutting The Cord




Hulu does look promising. No AMC is rough. Hopefully they fix that. Also whats up woth Viacom. PS Vue does not have viacom channels.


Viacom is cbs, and they are trying to do their own pay model. It doesn’t surprise me that they aren’t on other services as they’d probably want a premium fee to be there.


FYI Today Woot has a Arris Surfboard modem on sale. If you currently rent a cable modem from the cable company, STOP, Stop right now get this and return that rented BS.


Hey that’s great. We have an Amazon Fire stick thing that can plug into any tv via HDMI and it has all sorts of neat things. We are going to subscribe to Sling and try it out eventually.

I haven’t had cable/satellite TV in years, haven’t really cared to since Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube are around. There are shows I’d like to keep up with however that don’t come on Hulu.

Also, I’m with TWC as well (well in my area they were just merged with Spectrum) and we have a standard package of 20/2. It isn’t a bundle. Just the one standard package. I pay the same amount monthly as you do for your extreme package. The hell gives?


Yeah another shitty thing. they will charge you whatever they can get away with and if there is no competition it will be higher. A lot of times they justify it by saying infrastructure costs because of distance. I can understand that but not at the levels at which they charge.


I have the 6183 and was trying to use but the cable guy who came to my house looked the internet and ethernet box and looked incredibly confused. As I walked him thru everything I had to explain several times over. I ended up asking to hook up the main set up and I did the rest. Not sure what about a ethernet switch is so confusing? Had a second one come to follow up, after a complaint from me for the service charge since I did the work and he decided without speaking with either of us to switch an ethernet jack to a data for phone in the office when there was one already in the room and we don’t have a land line LOL. I am fearful this company can not handle me calling and switching the mac address to authenticate the modem. I am waiting for the initial year move in package of no cost modem to end and then will we see if they can handle it. I will upgrade internet speeds at that time as well. Sad but here the company was Charter. Our service was TWC and was solid and at least they could handle changing the mac address for me to have my own modem. LOL . Waiting and hoping Spectrum can handle that piece

Also when the cutting the cord will occur. AT&T now has 100 and 1000 in the area but new waiting to see if they can truly guarantee those speeds on a consistent basis. Neighbor put in and so far paying for a lot more than getting.

Anyway the 6183 was a rock solid modem as long as TWC pushed the updated firmware


I have a Q Box Android Box that came pre programmed from a local guy for $150. It gets regular updates and the FB support page is very active. There are minor streaming issues depending on the show but it’ll even play Live Sports or News. I have a really fast connection so I haven’t had too much of an issue. If I didn’t have this option in town I would probably still rely on Netflix and Crunchyroll. I refuse to get cable.


Is Kodi running on the Q Box?


It is. I wouldn’t be able to run anything if it wasn’t all pre programmed. They’ve set up different builds and applications. You just click and go


Can I have two modems in my house? The one is downstairs with T he Xbox but sometimes the signal upstairs in the bedroom is spotty. Would like to add a second modem upstairs at this price if possible.


No. You would need a wi-fi extender.



For those with Playstation Vue or looking at Vue…the price is increasing to be equal nationwide.


Those fucks


Yeah and they’ve done nothing lately but lose channels…I’m only waiting on Hulu to add Fire TV support and I’m gone.


My wife is the only one who uses it, so I guess they still have hgtv and food network


I mainly use it for sports and watch most of my shows on Netflix or Hulu so going to Hulu live TV would make things so much easier, plus hulu includes one of my local sports channels for a cheaper rate.


I’ve got a lot of fine tuning to do with our media setup now, so I’ll look into Hulu. Thanks for heads up, I guess I wasn’t aware they offer live service


Yeah and if you already pay for hulu the new service includes it at $40-43 depending on paying for commercial removal from hulu content. So the same price as Vue but with hulu included. One of our TVs is only on Fire TV though so can’t use it there yet.