My Journey on Cutting The Cord



I use alluc for movies and yes movies and yes TV.


So what’s this Kodi thing?


The cord was officially cut today. I returned all hardware. I’m running nothing but PS Vue, an antenna and Kodi. Mucho dinero saved. Thanks for all the help.


Nice. Be a little different at first but after awhile you will get used to it.


Wife is griping a little because she can’t find her shows as easily. I told her she could get cable and pay for it. She will figure it out. I’m happy.


For those that want MLB but want to cut the cord.


Great news



Saw an article today that Amazon got NFL contract. It is getting better


Hulu looks to be unveiling their cable package towards the end of May.’’


I’m three months in and couldn’t be happier. If you are thinking about doing it, do it.


Hulu announced a new TV streaming option today, but to me it’s no where close to PS Vue. Here in Boston the only streaming service with the channel for Red Sox and Bruins is Vue so that’s almost a non starter. Plus Hulu limits to 2 streams at a time…Vue is five. I like Hulu, but see no reason to change.


If you want MLB for free just head to reddit.

I’ve been using those free streams for a couple years now. Stick to the NESN, MASN, YES type streams and you don’t have to dl anything extra. Don’t ever pay for anything or click on the ads, and you’ll be fine.


I’ve done this for EPL games in the past before NBC aired everygame and that was poor. Also I prefer to watch sports on a full TV so I’d rather just click a button and go to the game.


I think that’s the best value right now. And what I would use if I can talk the wife down from Cable.


the kid does that for NBA games. He likes to sit in Teamspeak and chat with his friends (or game on his other monitor) while streaming NBA games.


Yeah we started with Sling, but the 2 stream limit was a pain. Vue is so much better with that plus the cloud DVR works fine. Also Sling did not have access to channel app logins, but Due allows logins to apps for almost every channel they have.


Does Vue stream in stereo only? No surround sound? I’m trying to remember why I backed off cutting the cord.


It’s simulated surround so PLII instead of Dolby. Also you might be able to pull stereo from the login apps if you wanted. So watch on FXNow for and FX show and maybe that has Dolby?


Yeah all streaming tv services are still stereo with 5.1 on some on demand stuff. Simulated works good for me as it goes through my Receiver.

This article has a great comparison chart on the top services right now.